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1st update of the press release: CRM-TECH.WORLD is geared to the needs of decision-makers, faster and growing!



CRM-Tech.World: Targeted information on application, introduction and selection of software

The CRM-Tech.World portal is picking up speed. The press release from 06.12.2019 incl. update from 15.05.2020. In brief:

  • Visitor numbers and page impressions are growing steadily.
  • The portal plays an important role in the market.
  • The move to a new server once again greatly accelerates access times.

1A Relations aligns CRM portal even more closely with the needs of corporate decision-makers

Esslingen/Korb. The CRM advisor portal CRM.Tech.World of the manufacturer-independent technology strategy consultancy 1A Relations now focuses completely on software application, software introduction and software selection. Decision-makers will now find even better information on their requirements. Everything that supports them in the context of a CRM project is now in one information source.

“We have adapted the structure of our portal quite simply. In principle, every reader looking for information on the subject of CRM software is in one of three core phases: First, he wants to use CRM software better and further develop the application. Second, the project team wants to properly implement the selected solution. Or thirdly: The enterprise wants to select a suitable solution and/or a Dienstleister , justifies Georg Blum, managing director of the 1A Relations GmbH, the amendment of CRM-Tech.World.

Up to now, the topic of education and training was missing as an offer in the market.

Here the priority is on the application. Because: “Countless feedbacks and experiences have shown that no software can be successfully introduced without basic training and ongoing training including accompanying coaching. With this point our target group addresses again and again a large pain respectively missing offers”, explains Georg Blum. We hereby close this gap.

Practice-proven contents

Thus Entscheider find useful information in the column software application. E.g. what are the reasons why an introduced CRM software often cannot unfold its full potential. How can the investments in software, hardware as well as project time quickly reach their ROI? In the “Software Introduction” section, for example, readers can find out how to ensure that their software introduction is a success, what distinguishes professional project management, and how to manage their own team and service providers in such a way that costs, time, and quality are in perfect harmony.

Under “Software selection” you will find answers to questions such as: When is it necessary to replace software? What does the IT landscape look like in a company that is well equipped for the future? Which software addresses both individual requirements and processes in the company?

Update: The CRM-Tech.World portal is picking up speed. Constantly growing number of visitors since December

In concrete terms, tried-and-tested content awaits readers. On the one hand, this includes neutral provider comparisons according to various criteria and focal points. On the other hand these are overviews like the new, recently published first “CRM Landscape for the German-speaking area”. “The Landscape is unique in this form for the German-speaking region. It provides users with an initial orientation when searching for a suitable CRM provider,” explains Georg Blum. “Due to the high response and positive feedback, we will develop further Landscapes e.g. according to industries, areas or specializations such as (since January) Marketing Automation, since February) Project Management, Collaboration, providers for integrated ERP/CRM solutions (planned for the end of May 2020), Data and Address Quality (planned for the end of June 2020).”

In addition, 1A Relations publishes checklists, videos, practical aids, e-papers, guides as well as sample use cases that are helpful in the different phases around CRM software. News on current topics and regularly published free newsletters complete the offer.

Update: 15.05.2020:

For more than a year, the number of visitors and accesses has been growing. We are very proud of this.

About 1A Relations GmbH:

1A Relations GmbH has been a 100% vendor-neutral technology consultancy for more than 15 years. This makes 1A Relations GmbH one of the most experienced on the market. It advises with a team of twelve consultants and employees. The focus is on a) customer-oriented business development, b) software strategy and c) process efficiency.

The USP: Our customers benefit from many years of software and technology expertise as well as from more than 150 years of CRM competence of all consultants. New to the team is Dagmar Tillich-Schmidt as International Business Coach. She complements the team with the strategy, project management and training/coaching areas. Georg Blum is the managing partner. He has been a member of the board of the German Dialog Marketing Association (Deutscher Dialogmarketing Verband e.V.) since 2003, is chairman of the CRM Council and a lecturer at various universities.

Therefore the team of the 1A Relations GmbH is pleased with the fact “the portal CRM-Tech.World takes up speed”.

Further information:,,

Their editorship contacts:

1A Relations GmbH

Georg Blum

Waiblinger road. 22

D-71404 Korb

Telefon: +49 800 3304430



good news! GmbH

Bianka Boock

Kolberger road 36

D-23617 Stockelsdorf

Telefon: +49 451 88199-21

Fax: +49 451 88199-29



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