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Best Cartoons by Marketoonist Tom Fishburne 2018



We present to you the best cartoons from 2018 by Marketoonist | Tom Fishburne.

29.11.2018: Net or No Promoter Score, when NPS and satisfaction are rampant


Net or No Promoter Score, when NPS and satisfaction run rampant.

We’ve been through this before, that the plethora of “Were you satisfied with our service?”, “What do you think of the app?”, “Please rate your conversation with our agent?” questions can be rather counterproductive. Now that part of the “late majority” has also heard of NPS, we consumers are virtually bombarded by NPS surveys.

Only the questioner achieves more and more the opposite – especially since questions are not differentiated or situational.

Although: Lufthansa shows that they can ask differentiated questions. There were more than 40 questions. Phew, 25 min questioning duration! Also too much! I estimate that 75% of the respondents break off. Result useless.

So it all depends on the right measure.

26.11.2018: Black Friday or Black Week or Black is the new discount


The holiday season is heralded not by Christmas markets or Silent Night, Holy Night, but by the discount hype of Black Friday deals or Black Week.

Black is the new discount, word artists would surely soon proclaim. Only isn’t that preempted sales? In the vast majority of cases, it is. And, discounting doesn’t make you happy, it makes you poor.

You know our sayings on our postcards: Rabat is a city in Morocco.

And what Marketoonist ran out of the pen corresponds very closely to my impressions that I experienced on Friday evening in restaurants. The food and conversation were less important than the deals.

Roger Schmid wrote a very good article on LinkedIn that I recommend.

Most important sentence: if you cut margin in half, you have to double sales to keep absolute margin stable.

So, did you double sales with a 20% discount? Or more than that?

05.11.2018: The marketing dashboard, or every software salesperson’s favorite word outlined by Marketoonist, Tom Fishburne

My favorite word in sales of all software presentations: Dashboard.

If you ever have to wait longer than five minutes from the start, that would be a special exception. The mother of all software presentations is dashboard. The favorite word of all sales people presenting their software.

During the opening ceremony, the word “dashboard” can never be missing. As listeners, we always play buzzword bingo. How long does it take to come up with the word the first time?

That’s why I think Marketoonist Tom Fishburne’s latest cartoon is great.

“Not everything that counts can be counted, and not everything that can be counted counts.” I think this 1963 quote from William Bruce Cameron (often misattributed to Albert Einstein) touches on some of the potential pitfalls of marketing dashboards.

the marketing dashboard

31.10.2018: When number faith becomes fetish and blind faith – another cartoon by Marketoonist

Fetish and belief in numbers.

When the planning phases for 2019 begin in the companies now, I feel the incredible power of numbers again. A magic that creates a magnetic effect. Every detail is calculated down to the 2nd decimal place. Weeks of coordination follow to put the numbers into a contextual framework. The person in charge goes to the head office, there he/she gets further requirements (it is not enough, in one place or another they have to add,…).

And the number torture starts all over again.

Too much time is spent on planning, too much time on accuracy that is not necessary and too much time on numbers and values that are not correct hours later.

Nothing against planning, just in the level of detail and almost fetish-like behavior. I consider that “oversized.”

And that’s why Tom Fishburne once again puts it in a classy scene.

watching the numbers

09.10.2018: Are you tired of NPS queries, too? Marketoonist Tom Fishburne puts it in a nutshell

NPS surveys

Fred Reichheld is the grandfather of the one-question customer satisfaction survey. In 2003, he famously introduced the concept of the Net Promoter Score (NPS) with a single question: “how likely are you to recommend X to a friend or colleague?”

The process is simple and widely used, only

  1. How much do NPS queries actually yield?
  2. How credible is the information? Does the respondent actually say what he thinks.
  3. Does he then actually recommend it to others.
  4. Do you have a field in the database “number of referrals”, linking the customer numbers to the recommended as well as “date of each recommendation”.
  5. Is there an analysis based on the hypothesis “like goes with like”. I.e. good customers recommend good customers, bad ones recommend bad ones.
  6. What do companies do with this info?
  7. How does your NPS/queries compare to the competition or key benchmark companies? What do they learn from it?
  8. Is this info enough for strategic management?

Ergo: rather laugh than answer such “unimportant questions”! ??  Whereas, we know someone who knows about it.

customer satisfaction survey fatigue

01.10.2018: When killer arguments are for laughs, the marketoonist is in play

Do you know this?

All the arguments are on your side, you have worked everything out precisely and prepared it for the decision. Your presentation gets to the point. And then this:

With a so-called “killer argument”, some person comes along “in John Wayne style” and says “loosely shot from the hip” that all this cannot be true.

The marketoonist and his cartoon about it:

evidence-based marketing

A former boss once said, no more often: “my life experience tells me …”. With this, he tried to undermine the arguments.

However, it is not about his filter bubble, but how the customers or potential customers see it.

The bait must be to the liking of the fish, not the angler.

I am sure that everyone has had such an experience. And the marketoonist brings it /achieve/ to the point once again.

25.08.2018: How does the Marketoonist exaggerate the 360-degree view?

Are you still laughing? Then click here! The 360-Degree Customer View cartoon | Marketoonist | Tom Fishburne

360-Degree Customer View

31.08.2018: For all number fetishists: Vanity Metrics cartoon by Tom Fishburne

Vanity metrics: Laughter is allowed, and so is blasphemy. So there’s something for everyone.

Once again, there are a few comics on the subject that cause a roar or a shortness of breath.

That’s how it is when everyone talks about Data Driven Economy and “in the end” they don’t have their numbers under control. That’s why data quality is “not funny,” but important.

As marketing becomes increasingly data-driven, we have to be careful we’re measuring the right metrics. It’s easy to cultivate a false sense of security looking at rosy marketing dashboards that don’t actually tie to business results.

vanity metrics

06.08.2018: Best Cartoons on ROI of Marketing

The ROI of Marketing | Marketoonist | Tom Fishburne

the ROI of marketing


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