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Kooperation Digitale Schweiz und CRM-TECH.WORLD
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The Digital Switzerland portal with its “CRM-FINDER SWITZERLAND” section and the portal CRM-TECH.WORLD cooperate.


According to Roger Gisi, it is quite simple “Using synergies: The basis of successful cooperation! To create a win-win-win situation!”

Of course, the two portal operators see a great benefit for themselves. But the most important WIN is achieved when the reader or portal visitor says: It was worth it, I will come back and recommend these two platforms. And that’s exactly what we want. Roger Gisi and Georg Blum absolutely agree on this.

It’s not just about the classic CRM. The focus is also on the modern way of thinking of a CMR – customer managed relations. The tools and techniques are usually in the foreground of the users. However, it is important to us that customer relationship management leads to the fact that the customer experiences a lasting memory and is absolutely satisfied with the result of his customer contact. CRM is the inside view, CX, as customer experience is often abbreviated, the outside view, the view of the customer.

To this end, the two cooperation partners exchange knowledge, experience and content

Who is behind it?

SEMP Schweizer Experten- und Markt-Plattformen GmbH in Zurich. The added value of the expert and market platforms is the tailor-made and effective communication with the aim of quickly providing customers with sustainable competitive advantages in their direct target decision-maker markets. The Swiss expert and market platforms are an integral part of the digital transformation.


Georg Blum launched the portal more than two years ago because quality journalism and quality specialist information, absolutely practice-oriented and tried and tested, is important to him. With over 30 years of experience as a top manager, consultant and lecturer, he and his network of authors can draw on a huge pool of content. Blum, the profound connoisseur of the MarTech and CRM software scene, uses this for news from the scene and from manufacturers and international markets as well as studies.

What common goals are pursued?

Neutral, for the reader to offer the best content and experts around the topic of digitization and CRM and marketing technologies.

Gisi and Blum agree that no goal is simply “more reach”. We are concerned with qualitative growth based on high-quality specialist information. Networking the topics crm, cloud, leadership for the Swiss market

What does the reader get out of it?

We believe that one of the biggest problems in digital transformation and the obstacle to perfect customer orientation is the “silo mentality” in the organizations of companies. On the one hand, it is the departments that more or less do not work together. We show what customer management can make possible as a joint work of marketing, sales and service. On the other hand, the top management (board of directors and managing directors) learns what modern, customer-oriented leadership looks like, the goals and methods that change to successfully manage the customer-oriented company.

This cooperation creates “even more expertise” for our readers. Readers get a lot of arguments as to why silo thinking is an old coffee and should finally be obsolete.

The software provider market is very European and international.

We at 1A Relations GmbH bring this know-how to the table with our work on the CRM-TECH.WORLD, the various provider landscapes and overview tables, news and audits.

Together, we also work out the special features of the Swiss market even better. The linguistic diversity, other industry focal points are in Switzerland, for example, the special thing. Therefore, more suitable practical examples are also in focus.

Please contact us at

Roger Gisi, Managing Director of SEMP Schweizer Experten- und Markt-Plattformen GmbH


Phone: +41 79 230-9878 or


Georg Blum, Managing Director of 1A Relations GmbH and operators of

Phone: +49 7151 2564633 or


Note: This is a machine translation. It is neither 100% complete nor 100% correct. We can therefore not guarantee the result.


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