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Service-Techniker ist der wichtigste Mitarbeiter im Vertrieb
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Service technician is the most important employee in sales



The service technician is the most important employee in sales

Since Corona (Covid-19) has significantly limited the possibilities of a visit by the sales representative, the service technician is given a new role: Service technician is the most important employee in sales.

Because the service technicians (f/m/d), who do their work on site, still come to the holy temple of the customer on site. The service technician even gets to where the sales employee often rarely goes: to the machine room, to the warehouse and logistics.

Therefore, it has become all the more important in recent months that a person, such as the service technician, walks through the corridors and corridors of the customer with open eyes.

Have conversations (Corona-compliant) and keep your eyes and ears open (within the framework of GDPR) and note what is new. What are the focal points of the planning? What are the next steps?

All this important information should be structured in a CRM software and then made available to colleagues from the office and field service.

Those responsible at Suffel, for example, have also recognised this. In a report by the, the IT manager briefly shows what they have already done for it. The portal writes: “CIO Burkhard Fertig has been working for Suffel Fördertechnik for over 44 years. With a smart app and a platform for the service technicians, the IT manager opens up completely new sales channels for the company.” The caption is also crisp: “300 technicians at the customer’s site see more than 25 salespeople.”

What has changed at Suffel? What should change in general?

“Previously, service technicians had to type their customer reports and submit them in paper form, but now they dictate the results to their smartphones via voice control. There they also note information about potential service offers that the sales representatives could offer the customer.”

Ergo: The service technician is the most important employee in sales.

Service technician is the most important employee in sales. That’s exactly how it makes sense and brings monetary benefits

The benefit is simply calculated: Approx. 500,000 euros in additional sales could already be allocated to this new option.

In addition, there are – without this being written in the article – data qualifications, better competitor monitoring, expiration dates of contracts or machines.

These are all additional occasions to speak in time as a sales employee or to improve sales and advice to the customer in cooperation with the service technician.

Together in a team: service and sales. And again, a silo wall has been torn down. 😉

Other examples include:

  • Stihl
  • itmX shows us how salespeople/service technicians are guided through a conversation with a good CRM


Note: This is a machine translation. It is neither 100% complete nor 100% correct. We can therefore not guarantee the result.


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