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The end of SaaS data chaos is in sight – Blissfully helps organize and clean up



Blissfully helps with organizing and tidying up

Blissfully is a provider of Total SaaS Management and has been conducting a study on SaaS for a few years now. The proliferation of SaaS applications has increased dramatically in recent years. Every company has an incredible number of tuned and non-aligned SaaS applications, and each of these applications contains data such as prospect and/or customer data, response and click data, or social media. This is all unbound and GDPR compliant. It is precisely this chaos that Blissfully has set himself the task of clearing up. Blissfully helps to organize and tidy up, it makes Blissfully or blissful.

The content:

  1. This is the result and our conclusion of the Blissfully study
  2. Who or what is and means Blissfully?
  3. What does Blissfully say about himself?
  4. What does Blissfully actually do?
  5. Who invested in Blissfully?
  6. What does Blissfully do in detail?
  7. For which use cases does Blissfully see itself as suitable?
  8. What customer and case studies are there about Blissfully?
  9. What studies and brochures or blog posts has Blissfully published so far?

This is the result and our conclusion of the Blissfully study:

The surprising result is presented in detail in our article. Here is the most important thing:

For SME companies with up to 100 employees, there are currently about 100 SaaS tools on average. In medium-sized companies with a size of 100 to 1,000 employees, on the other hand, there are already an average of 185 SaaS tools, while for large companies or corporations there are almost 300 SaaS applications.

All with a growing tendency. But beware! There is garbage, problems with GDPR and no 360-degree view!

What one or the other is very reluctant to read: The partially uncoordinated registration and use of SaaS or cloud products has various negative effects:

  • Software and data garbage arises because tools are briefly logged in, started and then no longer used. Data is imported, but only used briefly.
  • Risks may arise from the GDPR because prospect and customer data is stored in a cloud that may not meet the data protection requirements of the country or company. Or the IT manager gets gray hair, because if a customer asks for his data according to GDPR, it is impossible to provide complete information about it.
  • In addition, an increasingly blurred “unclear” 360-degree view of the customer can arise because the data is not systematically merged.

Conclusion: Less is – as always – more.

Who or what is and means Blissfully?

Blissfully helps with arranging and tidying up. The English term blissfully means “blissful” in German. Those who handle your data carefully, have everything cleaned up and in order, are blissful. That’s fair to say.

What does Blissfully say about himself?

SaaS is conquering the business world and empowering teams to increase their productivity with the help of applications they love. In fact, Cisco estimates that by 2021, 75% of workloads will be based solely on SaaS.

This rise in SaaS has spread IT management across the organization, resulting in a general lack of visibility. For the management of the traditional IT stack, i.e. for things like network, infrastructure and hardware, there are extensive tool sets. However, there is no equivalent for the IT stack for business operations (SaaS).

That’s why we created Blissfully to be a real-time source of truth and give teams insight into their entire app ecosystem. Our goal is to simplify AND humanize IT operations so that companies can focus on what they do best.

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What does Blissfully actually do? Blissfully helps with organizing and tidying up

Yes, but how exactly does Blissfully do it?

You can’t present their services and functionalities better than in this video. It is understandable and unambiguous. The solution looks “almost ingenious”.

Who invested in Blissfully?

Blissfully has organized approximately $5 million in 2 funding rounds. In addition to some investors or venture capitalists, who are less well-known here in Europe, Hubspot has also invested. Hubspot is certainly one of those companies that currently always have a good nose for a profitable idea.

Saas-Graph von Blissfully
Saas Graph by Blissfully

What does Blissfully do in detail?

“SaaS system of registration: Automatically discover your complete SaaS graphic, enrich it and keep it up to date to create a recording system and replace your spreadsheet.”

“Workflows and automations: Workflows and automations to co-manage, control, and track SaaS changes across the organization. An audit trail is automatically created after each workflow to ensure security and compliance.”

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Blissfully helps to organize and tidy up – For which use cases does Blissfully see itself suitable?

What customers and case studies are there for Blissfully?

Here is the link to the Customer Stories

What studies and brochures or blog posts has Blissfully published so far?

for example.

Best Guide to a collaborative IT strategy



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