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Video + Summary of the 1A dialogue “How do you control the sales that operates from the home office?”



In a small, fine circle we have held this consultation hour for the 2nd time. We call this consultation hours because we want to talk to the participants and exchange ideas. The monologue of a webinar has its justification, but it also needs the exchange, the 1A dialogue. The topic was: “Management of sales from the home office”.

Click here for the video on YouTube.

We exchanged ideas for almost an hour at a time. The first time, a sales manager and a sales coordinator were present. This time, a business developer and an owner of a CRM software company with a target group of B2B customers were there. If you can’t watch the whole hour, you have the opportunity to skim the list of important statements and pick something out. This list is updated after each session.


  1. I am not set up for home office at home (e.g. comfortable office chair, bar table, table lamp, sun protection …)
  2. How do I set up my home office? Technology, office furniture, WLAN, separate telephone, PC/laptop)
  3. Is it possible to bring the ergonomics home from the office?


  1. Do special data protection measures have to be checked and implemented?
  2. e.g. WLAN encryption, data transfers with WeTransfer or FTP server, hard disk encryption so that the children or other third parties do not have access, …

Proximity to the customer:

  1. Call the customer twice a day! We have to be even closer to the customer than before. (Keyword: cuddle call and hello how is it going?)
  2. A very, very important point is content. If you don’t have it, you should create it urgently. Whether video, white paper etc. If you can’t be with the customer all the time, you should ensure interest and proximity with content.
  3. Proximity means that appearing on the customer’s radar again and again is essential.

What are other topics for managing sales from the home office?

How to replace a strong aura?

  1. There are people who fill the meeting room with entry. That is not possible at the moment. How can this strength be exploited digitally?
  2. During this time, you have to learn what presence – here playing out the people with aura – can look like in a web conference meeting.

Presentation technique:

  1. Presenting while standing is important. People breathe differently and speak more clearly. Here everyone can learn from speakers and opera singers.


  1. People have become quieter. (Keyword: Organize more the exchange, e.g. planned break with camera on and coffee/tea in hand and small talk etc.)
  2. We look forward to the time to see Office and ourselves again.
  3. If all sales employees are in the home office, then it’s like inside sales. That’s a different way of working. However, this increases the contact frequency. We may be in contact with the customer more often than before.


  1. In times like these, you realize how important it is to have a good database and to know your customers.
  2. Time that sales otherwise spends in the car can be used to qualify and clean up the data.

Use of software:

  1. Communication is more transparent
  2. The best software is useless if it is not used (keyword: training, training – especially now in the phases with lower load


  1. A healthy employee is a good employee

Feedback on the format of 1A Relations

  1. Keep it up in this format, I think that’s great
  2. I think this format is great and super exciting


Note: This is a machine translation. It is neither 100% complete nor 100% correct. We can therefore not guarantee the result.


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