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Wie sieht die KI-Strategie von Hubspot aus?
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AI Strategy: News from the Hubspot User Conference



What does Hubspot’s AI strategy look like? At the Inbound Customer Conference in Boston, HubSpot announced its new comprehensive AI strategy called HubSpot AI. Although HubSpot has integrated AI elements in the past, the emergence of ChatGPT has inspired a more comprehensive approach.

Dharmesh Shah, CTO and co-founder, believes generative AI will revolutionize how people interact with software and transform product development and value creation.

Andrew Pitre, EVP of product, emphasized that HubSpot AI aims to help marketers and salespeople with their tasks.

The platform will leverage rich content, including customer-published blog posts stored within HubSpot, to train their models and understand context.

The AI will also understand a company’s tone and communication style.

In addition, the CRM database provides insights into customers, including basic data, purchase history, and customer interactions.

What does Hubspot’s AI strategy look like? 4 pillars

HubSpot AI consists of four main features:

Content Wizards: These tools, which are in development, assist users on the platform with content creation, such as blogs, images, campaigns and websites.

AI Agents: Provide automated customer support, answer questions and handle routine tasks.

AI insights: predict customer behavior, such as the likelihood of churn or purchase, a feature already built into the platform.

ChatSpot: A beta tool launched in March that allows marketing and sales teams to ask ChatGPT-style questions about content stored in HubSpot and interact naturally. First glimpses are available on the ChatSpot website. A click and look is recommended. another source on this can be found on this Hubspot page.

The video can be found on the page (scroll down).

What is Hubspot’s AI strategy? You can find out more about Hubspot news here.

Hubspot is also featured on the following Landscapes:

the CRM Landscape

the Marketing Automation Landscape

and the new workflow tool will appear in the next update of the collaboration site


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