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Time for a Paradigm Shift - The CRM Manifesto
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The CRM Manifesto: Companies that are positioned according to functions will never be customer-oriented “per se”! Why?



Companies that are set up according to functions will never be customer-oriented “per se”! Why?

Quite simply. As long as the functions like silos in the company allow smooth or seamless processes, it won’t work. It can’t work either because each function has its own goals. As long as these goals are not homogenized, collaboration in the sense of the customer is almost impossible anyway. You can constantly feel the handbrake in the company. Employees are frustrated. They want changes. Ergo: It’s time for a paradigm shift – The CRM Manifesto

Scott Bringer gave me the impulse with his MarTech Manifesto. He presented it at the MarTech Conference in Boston. If you’re interested, you can read his manifesto in advance.

Important Notice:
If you want to read the Manifesto in detail, you can scroll through the five LinkedIn articles. The links are at the end of the post.
Or you request the whole document as a PDF. At the top of this article is the button and off you go.

The whole thing is a leadership management issue

We have already written a lot about this on our portal. Therefore, you can read this wealth of information there.

How do I transform my company from a functional to a customer-oriented organizational form?

We should discuss this crucial question together. After all, this is the transformation process that everyone is talking about. But if it is started purely from a digital perspective, you will quickly reach a dead end.

A well-known quote fits this:

“If they digitize a crap process, they have a crap digital process.”

Thorsten Dirks, CEO of Telefónica Deutschland

Therefore, a different view of transformation is needed: a transformation from the perspective of your target and customer groups.

This leads us to an important thesis of the CRM manifesto and part of the paradigm shift:

CRM is not part of digital transformation, but digital transformation is an important part of CRM!

That’s why it’s time for a paradigm shift – The CRM Manifesto

In the meantime, I have talked to many business managers about this customer management idea. They all found this idea of a customer management organization fascinating.

But the management members are not really that brave. Not yet!

At the end of the conversation, however, they almost always buckled. Many did not dare to take this courageous step until today. An often-heard quote: “Mr. Blum, you’re right, but this is going to be bloody.” My answer: “Yes, but the future is/looks bright!” and “Do you, despite knowing better, prefer to continue as before?”

Surely the goal can’t be to constantly drive with the handbrake on. That’s a waste of resources.

The complete CRM Manifesto (currently a 30-page PDF) including the current 21 theses is available on request. Simply fill out the form above.

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Time for a Paradigm Shift – The CRM Manifesto

Goal: Hot discussion desired, because it really is time for a paradigm shift.

Quite simple. The time is ripe. Corona has already broken up some encrusted structures. In such a phase of upheaval, such changes are definitely easier to implement.

Of course, the typical objection is: “We’re already asking a lot of our employees. Not an organizational change as well. But it is precisely now, at a time when employees have accepted that changes can also succeed, that breaks represent opportunities, that the best conditions are present. When so-called “normality” has returned, no one sees the point.

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