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Microsoft 365 Copilot a small AI revolution?



I got the first feature presentation a few weeks ago. Microsoft 365 Copilot is already loaded with some cool features. As Microsoft 365 Copilot a small AI revolution? More time for customer relationship management?

If you ask bing chat, where also AI LLM behind it, you get the following answer:

“365 Copilot is a new feature from Microsoft designed to boost user productivity and creativity. As users work, 365 Copilot analyzes their work and gives them tips, feedback and suggestions on how to improve their documents, presentations or emails. The 365 Copilot features can, for example, correct spelling and grammar mistakes, adjust writing style, increase readability or optimize design.

The advantages of 365 Copilot are that it lets users save time,

by relieving them of routine tasks and helping them to avoid mistakes. It can also inspire users to come up with new ideas or find creative solutions. The disadvantages of 365 Copilot are that it may make users too dependent on its opinion or limit their individual expression. It may also violate users’ privacy by analyzing and storing their data.

The strengths of 365 Copilot are that it is based on artificial intelligence and is constantly evolving. It learns from users’ data and adapts to their needs and preferences. It can also understand and translate different languages or adapt to different target groups. “

The Copilot is a group of applications that lets you use Microsoft tools like Teams, Outlook, Excel, Word, PowerPoint or (as above) the bing chat.

In the 12 videos in the playlist, you get an idea of where all the support or impact takes place.

As always with AI, it’s also about controllability.

What is the AI doing? Does it do it in my sense? Do I even want it to do that the same way, or do I want it to do it differently? Where are the boundaries? How automated or iterative does the co-pilot work or support me?

These are questions that everyone must ask themselves. Nevertheless, one thing is clear: Microsoft 365 Copilot a small AI revolution. It already feels like it after the first videos and presentations. It sounds like a quantum leap. Yes, it is.

Take a look for yourself, because only if you have seen it yourself, then everyone can imagine for themselves what impact this has or will have for themselves or also for others.

One thing is for sure: If you have left the learning and gamification factor behind, you will have more time for Customer Relationship Management (CRM)!

Have fun with it. I’m happy to read comments on what you think of it.


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