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Free ePapers / Adressqualität Datenqualität Wege aus Krise
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2 free ePapers, important tips on address and data quality + throw off ballast. Ways out of the crisis



2 free ePapers for ways out of the crisis: throwing off ballast and address/data quality

Out two free ePapers: Both have important tips for crisis management: address quality and data quality and drop ballast. This is why we have chosen the image of the Chinese character for crisis and opportunity for this article. For your information: The ZEITUNG has taken a closer look at the character.

Use crisis as a chance = attitude

Ways out of the crisis: throwing off ballast and address/data quality

Times of crisis are typical times in which every entrepreneur questions his actions: What can I leave alone? What can I leave out? What can I make new? In this respect, with the knowledge we gained in 2008, we asked ourselves what did those entrepreneurs who came out of the crisis at full speed do?

On the one hand, we have put together some simple, up-to-date information here. In our ePaper we describe in great detail the necessary entrepreneurial tasks.

What, for example, are tips that have distinguished companies that successfully emerged from the crisis in 2008.

  1. Developing new products
  2. Drop unnecessary ballast (weak customers, bad processes, unmaintained data…)
  3. Staff training and further education
  4. and further tips to get out of the crisis well can be found here

For the extensive theme “Drop ballast” we have dedicated a separate ePaper. On many pages we give easy to implement tips that make dropping ballast easy. A core task of companies is to dispose of waste. And of course we are happy to help with this.

Example of companies that had taken these tips to heart

Porsche and Sick are only 2 of some examples. Porsche has distinguished itself by throwing off ballast and training programs, Sick by optimizing address and data quality and 100 !!! new products.

2nd focus on the way out of the crisis is address and data maintenance.

There is never time for this in normal day-to-day business. There are 1,000 reasons why you can’t work on data and address quality right now. Although it is a Prio 1 issue. It is better to try to win new customers, but to improve existing addresses of prospects and customers. This is not a popular task. However, it is about the same as not cutting a gemstone. Or one does not eat vitamins all the time. At some point, you lack the energy.

Therefore, our ePaper on address and data quality is now perfectly suitable because a few tasks are currently not possible. So everybody calls a few contact persons and talks to them and “so completely besides still the addresses and/or data are maintained”.

This is worthwhile, because – the knowledge of our attentive readers – address and data quality is not a cost factor, but a value-added factor. 🙂

Note: This is a machine translation. It is neither 100% complete nor 100% correct. We can therefore not guarantee the result.


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