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What is the state of CRM activities in 2020? A study by the Muuuh-Group, among others



An interesting study was presented today at the German CRM Forum by Markus Weber (Muuuh-Group). One of the aims of the study was to determine the current state of CRM activities in Germany.

Over 800 interviews were conducted. Some of the results are not so pleasing, but self-knowledge is the first way to improvement.

The Management Summary (extract from the study booklet) says the following:

CRM 2020: Lack of implementation of strategic issues and missing database

The trend that previous CRM studies have shown continues: CRM is not a technology or a system, but a management approach. Only one in ten respondents associate technological aspects with CRM. CRM systems are now perceived as software solutions that can help companies bring customer orientation to life: In other words, it is a matter of a customer-oriented corporate strategy or culture or support for long-term customer loyalty and the mapping of the entire customer journey.

Against the background of these findings, however, it is surprising that implementation efforts often still fall far short of these goals. The implementation gap between identified need for action and concretely planned activities is particularly large, both in terms of a customer-focused strategy and the implementation of a customer-oriented corporate culture. And while “customer journey” is one of the most frequently used terms in the field of customer management, there are only seven out of a hundred companies that have completely mapped their customer journey in their CRM systems.

In addition to this implementation gap in higher-level issues, the necessary foundation for the sustainable successful use of CRM systems is often also missing: the database required for CRM systems to fully develop their potential is still incomplete. Basics such as contact data and contact person information at the customer’s premises are usually available. When it comes to topics such as customer satisfaction, customer loyalty or customer needs, three out of four companies lack the necessary data in their CRM systems.

In our estimation, however, the necessary data foundation cannot be closed by a technically flawless system implementation – this is necessary, but not sufficient. The introduction and operation of CRM systems can only be successful if employees at all levels of the company develop an understanding that customer-related information is essential for sustainable business success. This is where intensive change management is needed to empower and motivate employees to fill system-supported customer orientation with life.

A lack of implementation of strategic tasks, an incomplete database, and a lack of a change process in the minds of employees mean that CRM software solutions in most companies cannot develop their full potential. The still predominantly critical evaluation of CRM systems (NPS®: -12) and the fact that every third company is thinking about replacing its CRM system is proof of the failure.

Where do you get the results?

The study results can be downloaded free of charge and without registration on the Muuuh-Group website.

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We also analysed the Muuuh-Group study have a look here: The Muuuh Group’s CRM study under the scrutiny – Part 1: The market


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