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Microsoft roadmap for 2024 Status: 21.01.2024 There are some interesting innovations for Microsoft 365. The company has drawn up a roadmap for the development of


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HubSpot acquires Clearbit Status: 01.11.2023 Founded in 2014, Clearbit’s mission is to collect amazingly rich and useful data on millions of businesses – and develop

7 MarTech predictions for 2023

At the start of a new year, it’s a good idea to ask yourself, “What do I expect in the MarTech technology space in 2023?

Part 5: No experiments! – is the wrong philosophy!

A/B tests: Experiment personalization Personalization means making content, images and text modules constantly new and relevant for customers. Even if personalized actions don’t deliver the


Part 4: Hey personalization, what’s up?

When people think of personalization, they usually think of digital personalization, rather than implementation via offline channels. The customer, however, wants a problem-free customer experience,