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Digital Sustainability

What is the state of digitization in Switzerland? Where are the hurdles and what needs to be done to overcome them? And is digitization also sustainable? With Roger Eric Gisi, operator of the
expert and market platform “Digitale Schweiz” we try to put it in classification.

11-12/2022 – An article in ORGANISATOR by Thomas Berner

365 days of trade fair? “Digitization will overtake us on the right”

Customized, targeted matching of trade fair organizers, exhibitors and visitors is the logical consequence of data available today – and forward-looking. Roger Gisi, founder of Digitale Schweiz, makes suggestions for the use of “smart data” for a digitally extended 365-day trade fair in the interview.


“Digitalization starts in the mind and requires a willingness to change!”

Roger Eric Gisi | Entrepreneur and Founder of Swiss Expert and Market Platforms on Cloud Computing, Security, CRM/ERP, Energy and Digitalization

Considering its level of economic and social development, Switzerland should actually be an international leader in digitization. But it does not. In an interview with ICTkommunikation, Roger Eric Gisi, entrepreneur and founder of Swiss expert and market platforms for cloud computing, security, CRM/ERP, energy and digitization, points out the deficits and lists opportunities that could put Switzerland on track in terms of digitization.

Interview: Karlheinz Pichler

“The digital economy only works with a focused customer perspective”

Author: Gisi Roger Eric, DIGITALE SCHWEIZ

Finding customers and managing them profitably in the long term is no longer possible in most industries without Internet technologies. With CRM concepts you improve the relationship to your customers. At the same time, you create a process model in your company that triggers a total focus on your customers. And with e-commerce, you reach your customers through a new or complementary sales channel that is seamlessly integrated into the supply chain and synchronized with other sales channels.


Source: Peter Meierhofer, Roger Eric Gisi

The art of survival

Value map and purchase motives

Back to the emotion systems: Let’s now create a value map that contains the motives for buying behavior. Let’s ask ourselves: What products are purchased on the basis of these systems? For example, the predominantly stimulus-driven customer looks for experiential gastronomy, stimulants, products that are different, new design, new acquaintances, film, television, travel, and anything that smells like adventure.


Author: Gisi Roger Eric, Winning Complex Business in a digital World

When investing in production equipment, the capacities and product qualities of a company are determined for the long term. The purchase of machinery and equipment is a critical decision for the customer. So how do the manufacturers of capital goods design their marketing to meet the needs unerringly?


Author: Gisi Roger Eric, Winning Complex Business in a digital World

Competitive strengths are built up through standardization, new control functions and a reduction in information and operating costs. The same applies to fundamental process optimization, end-to-end streamlining and digitization of processes within and between companies, and far-reaching structural changes in marketing, sales and customer service. Costs are also significantly reduced in the process.

“Do we want to be digitally colonized?”

With his “Digital Schweiz” platform, entrepreneur Roger Gisi is campaigning for the digitization of Switzerland. However, he believes that the federal government and the business community are not yet sufficiently aware of the steps that need to be taken.

Mr. Gisi, how would you characterize the state of digitization in Switzerland?

Schizophrenic. On the one hand, digitization is on everyone’s lips and has also been officially adopted by politicians as part of various strategies; on the other hand, we refuse to act, in business and in politics.

Note: This is a machine translation. It is neither 100% complete or 100% correct. We can therefore not guarantee the result.


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